It begins with a startling discovery by a guy named John. And once this gets out... everybody's gonna want to track him down. First things first. There are two interesting things you should know about John.

  • Interesting Fact #1: John spent five years building insanely profitable websites.
  • Interesting Fact #2. These websites currently make John well over $1500 a DAY on complete autopilot.

And now... after five years...

... John takes off to pursue his dream: diving the entire Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Now... most 'normal' people want to keep an eye on their income, right?

Not John.

In fact, he forgets about his business, and focuses on spearfishing instead.

Fast forward twelve months...

John returns home.

He decides... after 12 months living his dream... it's time to check his earnings.

It should be interesting. After all, he hasn't touched anything in over a year.

Now... after a year of white sands, beautiful women, and more Aussie beer than he could handle... John is now earning...

An average of $2677 a day!

Maybe John took this secret to his grave. Maybe he stayed in Australia and lived out his days chasing beautiful long legged Australian women. Maybe he would have married, settled down and wrote his memoirs from a tropical island in Thailand.


But if he did... you wouldn't be reading this letter now, would you?

The truth is... John did NONE of these things. He returned to Key West, Florida where he lived quietly for several years.

But underneath the calm surface...

...there were terrible, violent waves of emotion struggling to break free.

And if it wasn't for a strange, late-night phone call... well, John may never have found peace.

This late-night phone call came from... me.

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Mike Dunford

I'm a dreamer in the 'biggest way'...

I had big plans... big dreams... and absoutely nothing to back it up.

Sure, I talked a 'good game'. But the truth is... I was in deep trouble and my life was rapidly spinning out of control.

Have you ever felt your world collapse? Where you've dug yourself a hole so deep it seems you'll never escape?

I have.

And one day... I snapped.

It happened one dark and stormy May night. Hurricane season was starting up, and the dark clouds did nothing for my mood.

It was expected. The landlord was kicking me out for missing the rent - again.

There was nothing to do. I was beaten. I worked my ass off at the loading docks six days a week, and still couldn't pay the bills.

So I sat there... with my feet up on the living room table and a six pack of beer... and wondered what the hell I did to deserve this.

But enough about me. I'm here today to tell you about...


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An Amateur Sleuth's Startling Discovery...

The phone rang. It was an old friend of my father. My father died in 2003, and it was great to share stories with someone who knew him 'back in the day' (plus it got my mind off my current troubles). He told me some crazy stories about my dad and we became fast friends.

Towards the end of the phone call -- about four hours and six beers later -- he told me about a secret, underground group of millionaires living on the Florida coast.

At least, that's what my new 'drinking buddy' said...

Now at first I didn't believe him... until he told me he was one of them! (...and quickly proved it by revealing two very simple money-making secrets I had NEVER heard before!)

These methods were so easy, it was like pulling a slot machine and getting paid every time... without the risk!

I was dying to find out more, but the old guy was pretty tired (he'd been drinkin' too, I'm sure).

'Besides,' he said, 'You'd learn a lot more from my buddy. Look... I like you, Mike... and I think he will, too. Let me call him and see if he'll talk to you.'

Five minutes later he called back and said...

'Call (305) 985 - xxxx in exactly one hour from now. He is expecting your call.'

'What's his name?' I asked.

'His name is John...'

That phone call changed my life in many ways.

John told me crazy stories about living in Australia, and his return to Florida.

He described his business, which quietly deposited thousands of dollars into his bank account... on good days and bad... without him lifting a finger.

In fact, John revealed he used to be happy making over $1670 a day, but now... with his new system he's making...

Up to $4,000 A Day On Autopilot!

John was out fishing these most of these days and didn't even look at his computer...

'This sounds incredible' I thought to myself. 'I wish I could live like this'.

John must have read my mind. Because he said...

'Mike, I'm thinking about releasing my system to the public... so anyone can make money from the Internet.

Would you like to be my case study? If it works... I want you to write about your experience and share it with others. Can you do that for me?'

My hand started sweating as...

I gripped the phone and said...

'John, if I can make a tenth as much as you do, I'll tell the world about it... I'll shout it in the streets... I'll even rent an airplane and write it in the sky!'

And so John became my mentor. I expected it to be hard work, but it really wasn't. In fact...

John planned it out...
and automated nearly everything...

I only used a computer for email, but that didn't matter. I just had to push a few buttons and John's system did the 'grunt' work for me.

I was scared about keeping up. I thought John must be a genius, and... well... I'm not the brightest guy you'll ever meet.

But John did the thinking for me. He took something complicated and made it easy, like sending an email.

From that day on, my life changed dramatically.

Within my first week I earned an incredible $567 and it took less than 45 minutes to set up.

Within the second week I made $789... then $1,034... then $1,537... and now... just a few months later... I'm making...

A $4,000+ day just like John! These accounts will run for years with little to no work! Individual results may vary.

That's incredible to me even now... and it's all thanks to John and his money-making system!

One night over the phone I told him 'John, your system's like my own 'automated cash machine' that spits out money whenever I want.

'That's a good name' John said. 'Let's call it the 'Auto Cash Machine' or 'ACM' for short.'

Exclusive "Sneak-Peak" Into One Of John's Accounts...

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It's possible with ACM.

It's as easy as this...

STEP 1...

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All you do is this... click over to the Market Selction tab. There's 24 markets to choose from -- all filled with hungry buyers dying to buy YOUR products! Choose whichever market you wish... they range from Health, Sports, Relationship, Technology, Music, Family, Food, etc.

These markets were chosen from thousands of other markets because of one reason... they are BUYING markets! John selected these markets because they were the most profitable markets, which means more cash in your account!

STEP 2...

Launch your very own money-making websites in five minutes or less... no web design needed!

Simply select the website of your choice. You can select your website's color, format and the product you wish to promote.

You do not need any technical skills to make this work for you... remember, I used to be a dock worker and this was as easy as sending an email. If I can figure it out, trust me, you can too!

STEP 3...

Get thousands of visitors to your website with the push of a button!

Getting traffic to your site is one of the hardest steps for most people. But John discovered a simple method for attracting swarms of visitors to a site almost effortlessly!

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And I'm happy to say John doesn't believe in charging thousands of dollars for the chance to start using his system. Even though he could.

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